Escampus Blog Post #1

       For now, since we have two storylines, we are working on combining the two into one to get a final complete story for our game. As we wrote in the proposal, the game should be a 2D platform game with puzzles and may have some mini platform games inside. Now we are also working on the level designs.
       We have two developmental challenges for us at this time. The first one is to combine our story. Even though the two stories have a similar mainline, which is the main character is called to escape the campus and find what he really desires during the journey, the two storylines have different feelings, which means different play experience with different required for level designing. Another challenge we face now is that even though all members of our team know how to code, none of us get familiar with unity, but we plan to use it because of our puzzle and mini-game. Now we are learning unity by ourselves but that also means it might be slow progress. We believe we can fix it, but for now, it is just slow.
       We did not change our research methods. We plan to do play-testing with participants first for Study 1 with iMotion to help us collect the bio-metrics data, and for Study 2 we will give a survey to the participants to get their affective states after playing our game.
The two links below are for our two stories, we are thinking about how to combine the two to make a better one.
Story 1:
Story 2:

Figure 1 is our schedule, we plan to make a playable level first for this week and to see if we need anything to change.

Fig. 1 Schedule

       As we stated, we are going to use the PANAS-X to evaluate people’s feeling and emotions toward the game. The following attachment would be used. However, the questionnaire is used to combine with game data for the purpose of investigating how immersive PX players have. We wish to see how the first few play test go and work around that.

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